How to complete chemistryand physics of class 11 in one month

How to complete class 11 chemistry and physics in 1 month

Stick to the time table that I mentioned keeping the study time same.

Now; read in sessions! Grab a watch, if you dont have then use wall clock of your home, or buy any cheap watch which will not cost you more that Rs.100/-

whenever you study just go and sit for study. Never try to round up the time. Like- Its now 7:14 and let me listen a song and start seriously from 7:30. then somehow your songs will end at 7:33. ok let me listen for last time and then I’ll do at 7:45 and this time for sure. And at 7:45 you repeat it again! This is a major way how students drain time.

Have a bottle of water near your study area so that you dont have to drag yourself during study period. Read for 40 minutes continuously without any gap (no water, no toilet, #no_facebook, #no_whatsapp, #no_phone-calls_to_friends_gf/bf, no closing or opening door, say no to everything other than study for that 40 min). Then after that 40 min, take a 5 min break (and exactly 5 min, not a single second more). In that 5 mins have a short walk within your home, you can have water or whatever but not a single moment beyond that 5 min. Then repeat that step till your study session gets over.

After your study session has got over, you get 2–3 hrs of long break. Use it completely for leisure and exclude study for those 2–3 hrs of break. (dont get engaged to any Online stuff like games, whatsapp, fb or anyother bullshit like that). Take shower, have your meals, Play, exercise, listen music, watch series, read novel, talk to parents, whatever you like.

Then repeat the same study technique for the next study session.
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