How to complete class 11 syllabus and revise both class 11 and 12 in 30 days

How to complete class 11 and revise class 12 in minimum days for neet ug 23

:slightly_smiling_face:Syllabus complete karlo jitna ho sake or mock test do isse help hoga lakin itne kam din mai pura syllabus complete and revision possible nai hai…:+1:t2::fire:

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For Biology:Read NCERT Thoroughly and Practice MTG Fingertips Biology.
Practice previous year questions.
*For Chemistry:Focus on formulas and If have any notes and practice MTG Fingertips chemistry and previous year questions.
*For physics:If u have strong concepts try to focus on tricks to solve questions fastly also if u have any doubts in concepts then clear them
Practice errorless physics and previous year questions.
*Also u can Take notes and question papers from EXPRTO and also take mentorship sessions with me for further Guidance.
*Practice mock test as many as possible.
*And u can also post questions here at exprto community.
Try to revise in a fast mode…and increase the number of revisions rather then giving more time to single topic.
And stay motivated!


Class 11 can be revised by going through any notes you yourself have made or provided by your tutors. You can actually revise the NCERT really fast if you have made concepts before.

I would suggest while revision focus on the chapters you don’t know too well earlier and try and get the main concepts from which the major questions come from (by referring to the mcqs related to the chapters).

But maker sure you do this with a proper schedule, keep enough days for the chapters you know well. Because you would never want to lose points on them. So for example if you have left atleast X amount of days for the chapters you relatively know, then whenver those many days. You stop focusing on the chapters you don’t know too well and shift to the ones you relatively know. So that you score the maximum points.

The reason I say to focus on the chapters you still need to make concepts first, because as time passes it will get difficult to imbibe new material. BUT NEVER COMPROMISE ON THE CHAPTERS YOU KNOW VERY WELL BY NOT REVISING THEM OVER NEW CHAPTERS YO
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