How to complete the paper in 2 hours

How can i complete the paper in just 2 hours

Practise with accuracy

Please DO NOT try to complete your NEET paper in 2 hrs, because IF you try to do that, you WILL lose out somewhere or the other. The test paper is designed/formatted in such a manner that even the Topper who may score 720/720 needs at least 170 minutes to get that score.

Having said that, what you need to do to get a high score ( read that as Rank ) in NEET is to practice the test to get the BEST STRIKE RATE, which is basically your score of the correct answers( the + marks ) versus the incorrect ones ( the -ive marks ). MOST students lost out their rank due to excessive negative marks. Let me explain this:

For example, IF you have 180 Qs in the test with +4 for the right answer and -1 for the incorrect. And you attempt lets say 150 Q and leave 30. Out of the 150 attempted, you get 100 correct and 50 incorrect. Your score will be 350/720. Now, let us say, you were more selective and attempted only 120 Qs and still got only 100 correct, your score would become 380/720.

NO extra effort, still only 100 Qs correct, BUT, you have been more selective and have been able to reduce your MINUS marks, to improve your net score.

Another advantage of this “better strike rate” is that when you leave 30 more Qs, you will end up saving approx 30mts because you have left 30 more Qs, you can NOW utilize these 30 mts to do maybe just 4–5 Qs more ,correctly, by devoting more time for calculations/thinking etc, and IF you can get even 50% of these Qs correct, then your score will go up further by 15–20 marks.

This is called STRATEGY to improve your STRIKE RATE.

So dont think of doing the test in less time, think about using the allotted time to do maximum number of correct Qs and getting minimum Qs incorrect.

All the best !

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@Devasish 2 hours me complete karna hi kyu h yaar ager 3 hours ka paper h to usse tuje 2:40 Max itna time dena hi chahiye.