How to cover most important topics for NEET EXAM

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is the single medical entrance test for admission in a medical stream in India. Being the only exam, there is a high level of competition among students to crack it. Keeping this in mind, every NEET aspirant must prepare themselves well enough to be able to deal with the stress that comes with preparation and complete their syllabus on time.

NEET 2023 will be conducted by the National Testing Agency and the syllabus for the exam will be covering important topics from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

NEET 2023 Subjects - Weightage of Marks

Aspirants can check the table below for subject-wise weightage of marks in NEET 2023.

NEET Subject-wise Marks Weightage

Subject Marks Weightage
Physics 25%
Chemistry 25%
Biology 50%

The above table clarifies the subject-wise weightage of NEET syllabus. So, the question of which chapters are the most important for the upcoming exam is a very important one. It is always difficult to predict the future, however, one can estimate the likelihood of any event or in this case, the importance of the chapters.

Here are a few tips on what to prioritize:

Step 1 - Be thorough with the syllabus

The NEET syllabus is very vast and it is necessary to be able to pinpoint the topics in which you excel and those in which you don’t. Once you have recognized the places where you lag, you can undertake steps to improve yourself through self-study and guidance from someone who has already gone through the process such as a mentor. To get through the huge pile of topics and also to understand your strengths and weaknesses and work on them, a NEET Mentor is extremely helpful.

Step 2: Go through the high-quality study material

It is difficult to find the right kind of study material when it comes to an exam like NEET. This is not only due to the vast syllabus but also the number of books published on this exam. It is helpful to approach those who have already appeared in the NEET exams such as the toppers to get guidance when it comes to books and study materials. A platform like **Exprto **can help you decide not only what books to use by connecting you with toppers but also provides you with conceptual clarity. The Mentorship Platform helps you build a game plan to be able to ace your exam.
It is not always necessary to go through every book, it is important to go through a very good book and to understand and be able to solve all the questions in one good book to ace the exam. The trick lies in identifying the book in question and thus, it is important to take the help of someone who has already aced the process.

Step 3: Create a timetable you can follow

It is not uncommon to often create timetables that are so packed that you end up not following them at all. As a result, you must create a timetable that works for you. A platform like Exprto can help you achieve this as not only does it connect you with a NEET topper but also create customized timetables for you. Toppers’ Tips for NEET go a long way in helping one to create a timetable that works for them.

Step 4: Notes

A very important part of any process of studying is preparing notes that are concise and clear, suited to your taste and style of study, and are suited for a quick revision. Efficiently preparing notes is a skill that can be quite hard to master but very important as it is tied with the next point, a revision strategy.

Step 5: Having a good, quick revision strategy

Every person has only 24 hours in one day and often, after school and coaching, one is left with a few hours in hand. So, how does one clear their backlog or even revise old concepts when one is so short of time?

That is where a quick revision strategy comes in. Exprto offers help in this area by coming up with strategies to help you revise faster. Exprto also provides one with hand-written topper notes to help the aspirants not only study the topic but also make them efficient in their note-taking in general.

Step 6: Recreation

It is important to take breaks and to take care of one’s health and sleep. In order to have time for recreation, it is important to have a game plan that can help you to take breaks and rest as you are not a machine. It is not necessary that you need to sacrifice everything you enjoy outside of academics to be successful in NEET: it simply requires time management skills and the ability to unwind after a long session of studying.

Step 7: Clearing any doubts about any topic

It is very important to have all your doubts about any topic cleared. So, in this particular scenario, the toppers associated with Exprto provide daily doubt-clearing sessions (even on the weekends) that help the students to clear their doubts and become sharper and more efficient when it comes to their accuracy.

Step 8: Mock Tests

When one attempts any exam, it is important to have mock tests, and based on those tests, adapt oneself to adopt the most efficient method of study. The issue with mock tests however is that there are plenty of sites that offer them and it is perhaps not possible to give all of them. So, to have someone who has topped the exam, that is, to have a mentor who will guide you as to what test to take is helpful.

Step 9: Motivation

Success is not linear and the road to success has many twists and turns and dips. It is often difficult to keep motivated as a result of the pressure and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. So, it is important to have a mentor who can help you keep your motivation and help you get through the daily pressure of preparation. It is important to ensure that the preparation for the exam is thorough and efficient.

This can be done through mentorship programs such as those offered by Exprto- where the aspirants can interact with past toppers to get NEET topper tips, how to study for NEET, and more- and through a good and thorough strategy. It is essential to follow good books and appear for mock tests as well as be crystal clear regarding concepts to crack the NEET exam. The above-mentioned features offered by Exprto are just the tip of the iceberg, there is a lot more than what is written above.