How to crack JEE mains in one year? | Top Preparation Tips by Exprto

There is a question that comes to the mind of maximum aspirants that is it possible to prepare for JEE mains in one year and if yes then how to crack JEE in one year? Let’s try to answer this question today.

Thousands of students take a drop out after their 12th board and for IIT JEE preparation. From 12K seats in various IITs, approximately 35 to 40 percent of admissions in IITs are grabbed by droppers. No doubt not everyone cracks IIT in one year but indeed there are some to crack JEE exams within a year of preparation. What requires dedication, determination, and zeal to achieve something?

Revision plays important role in the last days and in gaining good scores. You can start with 3 lessons per day. IIT JEE preparation tips by toppers suggest giving 5–6 hours for physics every day by reading the concepts from NCERT only. Go for solving MCQs. For better results make a formula page and note all the “necessary” formulas on a page.

Mostly one needs to spend 6 hours in that case. You can start by writing down chapters that have more weight and needs less effort. Go through the recorded lectures from youtube and write notes of them.

Try to do at least 200 questions from each chapter. Give importance to the topic which you find easy and think is important for exams. Lastly, in the last 20 days revise according to the previous year’s question papers to understand the pattern better.

Now, let’s break the timetable for your mock tests as attempting mock tests are as important as drinking water.

If you have more than 30 days then try giving one mock per week.

For 15–30 days, increase the mock tests to 3 per week.

Now for 2–15 days, you need to give mocks to maintain your preparation and to arrange a strategic look towards attempting the paper. However, in the last 1–2 day, don’t attempt any mock tests in this period and give relaxation to your brain and body.

How Exprto can help with your journey?

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Rank boosting techniques that Exprto offers its students

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Wondering how it works?

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