How to crack NEET in 4-5 months?

How to crack NEET in 4-5 months ?

√ NEET preparation strategy and planning :-

• For cracking NEET in 4-5 months, you have to study 8-9 hours per day consistently.

• Basically u have 4 months and this much time is sufficient to get u in ur dream college. U just have to make a proper plan and work accordingly with discipline and hardwork.

• If I am in ur place than first thing which I will do is to set the monthly target. Till February you have to complete all the big and important chapters properly ( i.e theory, question practice, NCERT, short notes ). And also give chapterwise test after completing the chapters.

• In the month of March u will focus on the chapters which are not done yet ( that means a last chance to complete ur whole syllabus … kuch bhi baccha ho toh sabh complete kar lena ) Complete ur short notes as u will not get the time and also focus on practicing questions to increase ur speed.

• March ending and April is for practicing questions and give major test on daily basis. Analyse ur mistakes and work on it so that it does not repeat next time. Make a separate mistake copy in which u will write all ur mistakes which u did in ur test and the points which u always forget. Daily revise ur mistake copy. Daily read NCERT mainly of Biology, Organic chemistry and Inorganic chemistry.

• Daily set ur target so that u will achieve ur monthly targets.

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Helpful :heart_eyes::blush:
Hello sir good evening
I want to some suggestions
I have remaining 100 lacture of Botany and one cash course is going on YouTube where seep mam biology complete krba rhi haiii… Or practice class BHI leti poll based general class ki duration 2hr Hoti haii… Please recommend me what I follow?

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Hello @Rajpoot
According to me, you should first focus on syllabus completion ( abhi time hai, ache se pura syllabus complete karlo, crash course mat karo abhi).
Make proper schedule and planning for syllabus completion. Set daily/weekly/monthly target and try achieve them.
For biology, focus on NCERT mostly ( pura bio NCERT ka minimum 3-4 bar ache se reading hona chahiye exam tak).
Read NCERT book of inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry.

If still you have any query or doubt or problem then we can discuss in mentorship session.

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Thanks for your advice sir👍🏻
Mentor ship session mein phle fees pay krna hota hai kya…
Mere pass pw ke yakeen batch ke lacture haii

Hello @Rajpoot,

To know more about mentorship program, you can visit to or you connect with Exprto team, they will explain you everything about mentorship program.

** I request @Team_Exprto to explain about mentorship program to @Rajpoot. **



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  4. Solve numerical for Physics and Chemistry. …
  5. Study material plays a crucial role. …
  6. Mock Tests. …
  7. Work on the areas that are weak. …
  8. Guesswork won’t work.
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