How to get rid of panic and scareness?

how to gwt rid of the panics before exam…?and how to revise whole syllabus in a month?

See panic mainly happens when you are not confident about your preparation…

So the first thing you should do is

So first of all you must prepare systematically so track hold on your progress you can take help of exprto in that. So as many revisions as you do now you will have a better hold on the topic and you will be able to solve most of the questions and this will also help you in preventing Negitive marking in exam so revise again and again…

You need a planning strategy for your planning for revision in 1 month you must go for a session at exprto…

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Believe in yourself and start giving your 100%

1.Take small small breaks between your studies
2.Stay hydrated
3.Eat healthy and do a little bit of meditation as it will help you to stay focused and motivated
4.Always be positive

Tips for syllabus revision
1.Make a proper revision strategy
2.Revise your Notes for physics and chemistry and NCERT for biology
3.Solve PYQs.
4.After revising solve mock tests to see how much you have retained and to correct your mistakes
5.Give more time to important topics

You can also join exprto mentors here will help you to be motivated and will also give revision strategies

And at last:
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I m also a student, whenever I fase this ,i just take a deep breath and listen my favourite song for some time…

Keep Your Phones Away.
Pay Attention While Choosing Your Study Space.
Pay Attention to Your Habits and Change Them Accordingly.
Reward Yourself From Time to Time.
Sleep For 7-8 Hours.
Don’t Be Too Harsh On Yourself