How to handle Mathematics for Jee?

I am really finding it hard as compared to physics and chemistry. I can’t solve problems quickly and most of the time I am clueless about what to do in a problem.
What’s the best way for me to study maths??


Most of people feel difficult in mathematics. I will give some advices ,do follow it.
First , you have to become strong in basics . To become strong in basics , you need to solve basic problems . So first practice every basic question and build up confidence in solving basic questions.
This is the way i studied in my JEE preparation. So you also follow this method.

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How to solves this question physics sir?

Pls provide me mentor?

For physics , you have to be very clear of every concept of that chapter to solve problems of that chapter. So focus on concepts and solve small basic problems related to those concepts to get clarity. After getting clarity in those concepts , you can jump into solving problems .

Mathematics can be easy as well as difficult at the same time. The only key to crack Maths is practice. You will have to be thorough with your theorems as much as possible. Practicing problems will also boost your confidence and keep you motivated towards the subject. It will also increase your speed. So, it is a plus plus from all aspects.
Solve as many questions as you can for each concept you learn!

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Mam , math ko ek din me kitna time dena chahiye…??