How to increase marks in AITS from 550to 650+

Daily routine chapter wise from today to till 25th Feb to complete syllabus of test.


How manage time lectures, backlog ,rivision, dpp

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  1. For time management - Make schedule and time table ( try to follow properly). Set weekly/daily targets and complete them.

  2. Backlog strategy - Try to revise on daily basis so there is no chance of backlog. For backlog covering, find extra time (u can use holidays), watch short lecture on youtube, discuss with your friends/mentor.

  3. Revision - Revision is the key, so revise on daily basis the topic/chapters which have you study on that day. Use short notes, mindmap, flashcards or concept sheets for revision.

  4. Daily questions practicing is very important. Solve daily questions and analyse your mistakes, weak areas.

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As per your query i would like to tell, you will definitely score 550+ marks.

To crack neet Some strategies that you should inherit to boost your performance

  1. Make you own time table , Shorter and achievable small targets.

  2. Focus on limited books - NCERT + Some reference

3.Finish your full syllabus n a fixed time frame of 3-4

  1. Solve MCQS daily in a time limit - Understand where you are doing most mistakes, Correct it, retry

5.Whatever you study throughout the day make sure that you revise before going to the bed

6.Concentrate More on weaker subject

7.Give equal important to all the three subjects.

8.Understand all options of previous year MCQS …As EXACT question is not repeated BUT related questions are…

9.Give mock test in between to assess yourself.

  1. Have patience and be positive

11.POSITIVE SURROUDING - Discuss with friends who can help you stay positive not the one who brings negativity.

12.Correct your mistakes

13.Maintain your health

Don’t think about the result. Be cool and devise a strategy for solving the paper, like which subject to attend first, what time is to be given for each subject, rough work to be done with pencil, leaving doubted questions initially, etc.

Above points will definitely help you