How to make short notes

Sir/mam, plz guide me how I make my shorts notes for fast and best revision…

Which short notes makes my preparation easy and best…

                        (plz jaldi bata dijiye 
                        mera  revision start hai)

Shortnotes are very necessary to revise you can not revise your whole books or notes just before exam so you can use short note for that for physics and physical chemistry and for biology organic and inorganic try to make mind maps for that.

Shortnotes include as follow
1. Formulas of that chapter
2. Shortcuts of some formulas
3. Exceptions
4. Facts (factual questions)
5. Some questions which are in form of derivations (no values will be mentioned there but when you will solve that derivation you will get a formula and that is a potent question for the upcomming exam).

Just a day before exam you can not study all your notes at that time these short notes and mind maps will be helpful.

Mind maps are of a specific topic in which you write details and points to be remembered in that page so they will also help in revision time.

It is high time for making short notes do it along with reading notes.


Sir plz send me one short note from any chapter of biology plz and plz

Sir thnx for answering me

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Search animal kingdom here in this community that will be mind map and physics formula chart for short notes)

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