How to manage time with proper efficiency

what should be the proper schedule of neet aspirant 2024 , how many hours should we study rn ?

Make a timetable suitable for your daily routine
Taking an example as:-

7:00 - Wake up and get ready + breakfast
8:30-10:30- Study session 1 ( Choose difficult subject)
10:30-11:00- Break
11:00-1:30-Session 2
1:30-2:30 break / lunch
2:30-5:00- session 3
5:00-7:00- Relax ( or if you feel productive you can solve questions of topic you did)
7:00-9:00- Session 4
9:00-10:00 Break/ Dinner
10:00-12:00- Session 5 ( you may review the topics you did and make a plan for next day)

However making timetable may or may not help you
But instead, try making a to do list and do as much you can and analyse yourself or your efficiency to do work and start increasing topic per day
Or you may try 21 day challenge

thankyou so much for this. i’ll try to follow the time table , even tho i’m not really time bound but i’ll surely check if this works. and please see if you can tell me more about how to study PHYSICS :')