How to prepare for neet while attending school regularly?

Please someone give me tips on how to prepare for neet while attending school regularly!
P.S. I’m currently in class 11.


As you are in class 11 right now and going to prepare for neet. So first thing I would like to tell you is that you have very much time so don’t take stress and do things in proper and managed way from the very first day and don’t delay start your preparation right away.As many students have already started there preparation.

So for preparing you can join any online or offline platform or coaching institute I would suggest you to go to offline if possible because there you can interact with teachers more easily and can clear your doubts easily start doing things with basics and just focus on NCERT nd try to complete that first because most of the questions in NEET are based from NCERT make proper notes,short notes to revise things easily.
As you are 11th studing solve as much questions as you can it will help you to make your physics and chemistry strong and try variety of questions and solve questions with timer it will help to improve your speed.

And get one mentor so that he/she can guide you throughout your neet journey and help you get things right so you can join exprto to connect with your mentor

All the best👍

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