How to read NCERT in last three months for NEET?

To effectively read NCERT books in the last few months leading up to NEET 2023, you should follow these steps:

  1. Create a study schedule: Set aside specific times each day for studying and stick to it.
  2. Start early: Begin reading NCERT books well in advance to give yourself enough time to cover all the material.
  3. Take notes: As you read, take notes on important concepts and formulas to refer back to later.
  4. Practice problems: After reading a chapter, try solving related problems to test your understanding.
  5. Revisit: Regularly review your notes and practice problems to solidify your understanding of the material.
  6. Make use of NCERT solutions: It will help you to understand the concept better and also it will give you a different perspective on the same problem.
  7. Seek help if needed: If you are struggling with certain concepts, don’t hesitate to ask for help from a teacher or your mentor.
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To effectively read the ncert it would take preparation from some time before. Add the important points written in your notes in the space beside the main text of ncert so your notes and ncert will be in one place, this will help you save time in the last days.
Now to read the chapters you need to read the chapter as it is and then solve the questions just after that to check your retention, you can use coaching modules for solving questions.
After solving questions give a break to the chapter for 2-3 days and then use biology handbook for revision of the chapter, the handbook has the important diagrams, statements in the form of true false and fill in the blanks.
This is the way I used to clear neet in my first attempt and I think is a very effective way to deal with biology.

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As last 2-3 months are very much crucial for NEET preparation and most of the questions or I should say 95% of your questions are going to come from NCERT so in last months just focus on NCERT for Biology and inorganic,organic chemistry and summary and points to ponder of physics NCERT you don’t have to read chapters of physics NCERT when you read your NCERT make sure you have highlighters of 2-3 color so that you can highlight important things and revise them quickly just before exams as many things in NCERT are not given but are asked in exam so note down that at sides of your NCERT and revise it again and again make a daily schedule of reading at least 2-3 chapters of NCERT and also solve questions after reading so that you can analyse how much you have learned


I will tell subjectwise approach for ncert :-
1)physics:-as we have only 3 month and if you have not studied ncert till now than my suggestion will be not to read ncert go only through points to ponder and summary of ncert

2)chemistry:-inorganic ncert is most important read it no of times and mark important thing and during revision go only through that points,decision of important point will be based on pyqs
For physical chemistry atleast go through suface chemistry through ncert
For organic atleast go through biomolecules,polymers,drug and its uses,enviromental chemistry

3)biology:- as we all know biology ncert is consider as god book for neet aspirants
Focus on following points:-

  • Start from the basics. Thoroughly read your NCERTs. Read it one time then another and then another.
  • Every time you read NCERT, you will find something new which will stimulate your grey cells. This is especially true for Biology.
  • By reading NCERT means all the texts, diagrams, captions, summary, points to ponder, tables.
  • Do all the in-text, solved and exercise questions.
  • Solve questions from NCERT exemplar, both subjective and objective.

Here are some tips to help you read NCERT faster in the last three months before NEET:

Prioritize: Focus on the most important chapters first and then move on to the rest.

Create a schedule: Allocate time for each chapter and stick to the schedule.

Take notes: Make concise and well-organized notes for quick revision.

Practice solving questions: After reading each chapter, practice solving the related questions to check your understanding.

Use mind maps and diagrams: Visual aids like mind maps and diagrams help in retaining information better and faster.

Highlight important points: Highlight important points and key terms while reading to make it easier to revise later.

Summarize each chapter: After reading each chapter, summarize the key points in your own words to reinforce your understanding.

Seek help if needed: If you are facing difficulty in any chapter, seek help from your teacher or tutor.

Practice time management: Make sure to allocate enough time for each chapter and avoid procrastination.

Take breaks: Regular breaks help in reducing stress and improving concentration, so make sure to take short breaks in between your study sessions.

By following these tips, you can read NCERT faster and effectively in the last three months before NEET

Depends on your grasping power and prior knowledge about that particular topic.

If you have no idea about that chapter then it may take time to finish bit if you are familiar with your subject matter then you will be able to finish it quickly.

Firstly know about the topic by reading quickly just by looking at diagrams , flow chart , reactions , graphs whatever is there.

Once you are done with it then come back t the first page and now read line by line word by word and don’t miss even a single line or word of it.

Try to use video lactures available over web of you find difficulty in understanding that topic.

It will help you to understand the chapter more easily.

Once you are done with reading , solve some questions to analyse yourself.

Make a list of topic where you find difficulty in solving and revise them again .

Trust me this is the best way of learning anything with ease. Many a times it seems like we know everything but It doesn’t. For that testing and analysing would be very helpful.

This will help you not only in completing the syllabus but will help you to make your strength in that chapter.

So hope this strategy will help you in near future. Wishing your warm success always :heart: