How to revise biology effectively

How to revise biology effectively

Hey…To revise biology start reading ncert thoroughly
Read each chapter from ncert for 2-3times .then solve mcq from mtg finger tips or any other relevant book…
Make sure to clear your doubts through google or teachers
At last after solving ques make one page notes of each chapter…one page notes will be helpful in last time revision…
Follow these steps for each chapter

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For biology ncert is more than enough. Read ncert carefully and highlight imp points that u will read at last moment. Solve ncert based questions and previous year questions. Before NEET u should have to complete ncert atleast 7 to 8 times…3 times in last month.
All the vry best

Take stock of what is remaining.
Get accustomed to the new pattern.
Take a few mock tests.
Zero down your exam-taking strategy.
Prepare a timetable.
Focus on charts/diagrams/revision notes.