How to Revise Faster and Score 680+ in NEET 2023 in 4 Months?

Watch Scientific Method of Revision:

In this video, we will share a scientific method of revision that will help you learn faster and retain more information. We will also provide you with practical tips on how to revise efficiently and effectively in just 4 months. By following our step-by-step guide, you will be able to score 680 or above in NEET 2023.

In this video, you will learn:

:point_right:The importance of revision and how it can improve your scores
:point_right:The science behind effective revision and how to use it to your advantage
:point_right:The benefits of spacing and interleaving your revision
:point_right:How to create a revision schedule that works for you
:point_right:Tips for staying motivated and focused during revision
:point_right:Common mistakes to avoid during revision

Whether you are a high school student preparing for NEET or a college student looking to improve your grades, this video has something for you. So, donโ€™t wait any longer and start revising smarter and faster today!

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Name: Pranjali
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In phy chem revise more formulas and imp concepts regarding pyqs. In organic chem revise reactions using short notes name rx. If u donโ€™t have short notes of organic u can do it nowbfz itโ€™s vry short. For inorganic firstly ur chemical bonding and periodic table must be perfectly clear. Thn revise shrt tricks or u canโ€™t remember that part. For biology only focus ncert, revise more and more u have to revise ncert atleast 3,4 times in last month.

Target silly mistakes to score 680 above in NEET.
If you want to score 670-680 in actual NEET, silly mistakes are your one of the strongest enemies. In-fact stop calling it silly because the mistakes which ruin your dream are not silly. Be careful in Section B of NEET paper because many times if we have attempted 8 questions, we select any 2 ahead and forget the back.
Increase the speed of reading questions as per attention (speed and accuracy).
Revise Biology NCERT effectively and note down the points which you keep forgetting (try to increase speed).
Read Physical Chemistry NCERT once and note down the points which you find important.
Read Organic Chemistry NCERT again with full focus because in Organic most of us know the name of the reaction, reactant, catalyst, major product but not temperature, pressure, minor product, intermediates and many more (I canโ€™t recall).
Keep revising Inorganic Chemistry till the last date. Remember exceptions, order and reaction as much as you can.
Revise these chapters so effectively that you donโ€™t miss any question that comes from anywhere : Environmental Chemistry, Qualitative and Quantitative analysis, Solid state, Chemistry in everyday life, Polymer (important uses).
Stay calm in the last month, the last day and the last hour of the NEET exam.
I was not worried on my last day and last hour but in my last month, I literally passed my 7 days without even reading, revising, test, revising shorts. Last month before NEET is the most crucial time for us.
Be prepared for not only the exam but invigilator also.
Our invigilator was so smart that he literally had gum, papers and attendance sheet, โ€œanguntha lagane walaโ€ and told us to manage that
Try to complete the paper before 40โ€“45 minutes.