How to score more in Biology In NEET

Hii everyone this is one of the most important question for NEET aspirants how to score more in biology as 90 questions out of 180 are of biology in NEET and they forget biology after learning

I think I can answer this question more efficiently as I scored 355/360 in Biology in NEET

Here are some of the points that you should focus
1.Focus on NCERT as most of the questions are from NCERT OR I should say 98% questions are from NCERT
2. Revise on regular basis so that you can learn things for long term
3.Highlight important points in your NCERT and revise that only
4. Do question practice as it will help you to increase your confidence
5.Make list of all numerical Data and scientists name and their discoveries as many questions are asked from that
6.If you are done with NCERT also read some extra edge topics which are potential to come in NEET.
7.Focus on chapters that have more weightage in NEET exam like Human physiology,Genetics, Evolution, Reproduction
8. Learn all NCERT examples as only NCERT examples will be asked in NEET
9. Focus on all NCERT diagrams as they can be also asked in exam.
10. Focus more on PYQs
11.Solve mock test and do analysis and learn those topics which you find difficult or forget