How to solve physics problems

I cant solve physics problems but i know the concept i am unable to start the questions plz help me

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You have to start practicing on a particular topic or chapter and than you see that you are able to solve physics and physical chemistry problems in given time.


You are not able to solve numericals in physics on your own because you lack concepts and that’s why you have to see hint to know the concepts behind the question and then only you are able to solve it, so what you need to do is focus on building concepts before moving to solving questions

So , if you want to master physics you need to work on following three things which are provided below:-

Go through the theory well to master the concepts ,also it would be great to relate things as it would help you in generating interests .

Learn to apply concepts:- After clearing concepts you should go through solved problems and numericals so that you can learn how to appy the concepts for solving numericals .

Practice and solve questions on your own’- you should solve your text book questions on your own , go through chapter-wise test and previous year question papers of the examination for which you are preparing. Follow this , and you will be soon good at Physics

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