How was your life as a NEET aspirant

How was your life as a NEET aspirant?

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Let’s talk a little about pre-NEET.
I’m not talking about studying, that was okay but the constant guilt of not studying even though you were just eating breakfast or taking a long shower to wash your hair. That was the worst. The regret that oh I could’ve been studying right now and I’m wasting time that’s the hardest part of your preparation.
This world seemed like a dream when they kept postponing our
NEET exam. Like the world would end before that day ever comes,
it did come through and the last 3 months have been everything we
wished for during our preparation. I’ve been constantly sleeping, chilling with friends I couldn’t talk to in the last 2years, been cooking (which felt like such a time waste before NEET cause GUILT), learned to drive, I’m watching shows with a free mind.
I have also continued writing again. I used to write on Quora and had a blog as well but stopped it once I started preparing for NEET now I am more experienced and will share tips and tricks related to the NEET exam. One thing I’ve realized is that no pain no gain is true. Today’s anxious sleepless nights and hard work will give you too much joy once you get your target.

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