I am not able to follow the timetable I made for IIT JEE preparation. What to do?

I am not able to follow the timetable I made for IIT JEE
preparation. What to do?


It is one of the most common issues faced by every aspirant.
First, we are so energetic that we make Unrealistic routines. Maybe
we can follow it for one or two days but after sometime energy and
motivation level drops and nothing goes according to the plan which
results in demotivation, lack of energy and procrastination.
To avoid this you should make a realistic goal. A routine which you
could follow, don’t force yourself to achieve extra big targets but
focus on doing small things consistently.
When you will accomplish small girl then you confidence will also
increase and also your focus so sure having problem of making a fix
time table then I will recommend you to enroll yourself in IIT JEE
mentorship program. Here you will be connected to recent IIT JEE
toppers who will guide you personally on calls and they will suggest
you in doing what this exam demands you to do.
Apart from the mentorship program you should first decide a small
wall everyday I will recommend you to use a diary where you can
write your goals but don’t make it unrealistic. If you will able to
follow your small time table for least 2 weeks then start adding more
to it increase your level mark down where your wasting your time
and slowly and gradually you will make a perfect time table for
yourself. You should have a goal of completing at least two topics of
each subject everyday and also allot time to revise and solve mock