I compare my JEE marks with other aspirants and get depressed. How do I stop comparing

I compare my JEE marks with other aspirants and get depressed. How do I stop comparing?


It simply means you want to dominate over them or you are scoring for the sake of a sort of show off.
The Sensible answer/solution to this is “Why are you limiting your score for them by wanting to score above them “, you don’t know what is your true potential, You may have attributes and capabilities that can make you score greater than them by default so don’t worry.
Others scoring good marks are good at it but it is not necessarily true that they will be good at each and everything. You may be good in calculation, logical thinking, Sports, Sketching, etc.
You have more value than JEE Marks. The worst case scenario that will happen when you will not get good marks is you will not get good college and its fine, College is not only a parameter that will determine your success, Look at the list of of successful people’s , you will notice there are many ones who aren’t from good college still they are successful.

Comparison will develop self doubt in you if you aren’t able to dominate them, so stop it.
Build a proper routine, exercise and experience the pain during exercise rather than unnecessary comparison based thoughts, Meditate and after doing so you will notice positivity in yourself.

It is well said that if u compare urself with others u will get depressed
I know it’s not easy to get bad marks than others and stay positive after that
But for ur mental health u have to stop doing this otherwise u will waste ur lots of time and it will further affect ur study
So only compare urself with ur yesterday self be better from that

Don’t worry about others’ progress. Worry about your own.

A little competition is good here and there, but cancerous, as people call it today, competition is not good for you. Use that gap between you and others to power your work ethic and give you motivation. If it starts to affect you mentally and bring you down, then its time to regroup.

Okay. Now, breathe and relax. Go find a mirror. Go to the restroom, for crying out loud. Look into your eyes. Ask yourself, “How can I be better?”

Notice the bold on the letter I. This is the time when you HAVE to focus on yourself. Make self-improvement your daily goal. At the end of every day, make sure that you’ve outperformed you from yesterday. Once you accomplish this and have made it a habit, then you can begin to look to others for a little competition

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