I don't like chemistry?How do I study the IIT JEE chemistry

How do I study the IIT JEE chemistry if I don’t like chemistry?

If you talk with IIT JEE toppers, then you come to know that they give the same importance to every subject. If you think I don’t like chemistry, so I will not read then you can not crack the IIT JEE examination. You have to study 3 sections in Chemistry: organic, inorganic, and physical. If you practice more and more problems then you will be able to solve physical chemistry problems easily. First you need to understand the concepts before you jump to the problems. You can subject teacher who can help you during your preparation. You can watch video lectures to understand the topics. Do not skip any chapter. Make your own notes and revise them frequently. For Inorganic part you need to memorize more. You will get many exceptions in inorganic chemistry. So study and write them down. It will help you to remember all the things. In organic chemistry most of the problems deal with reactions. Study them, understand them and write them down. It will increase your memory power.

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Always remember, all three parts of chemistry are interconnected, you can’i ignore any part. You should have strong hold on each part if you wanna score good marks in this subject. Start with Physical chemistry and only after that start inorganic and organic section. . Try to understand complete mechanism behind each and every reaction. Specially for organic chemistry this is very important to completely understand mechanism of reactions. In physical chemistry, be thorough with all the formulae. Solving a lot of problems in physical chemistry helps. For inorganic section give extra attention to d,f-block elements and co-ordination compounds. Most of the questions that come from p and s block elements are easy to solve. I will suggest you to pay extra attention to co-ordination compounds and d-block elements.