I have partially wasted my 11th.... Can I crack neet...but now I am trying my best to score good marks in 12

I have partially wasted my 11th… Can I crack neet…but now I am trying my best to score good marks in 12…

Yes you can clear neet if starting from now… :blush:

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.You are entering into the world of REAL PHYSICS and CHEMISTRY, this is the best time to get a really good hold of your concepts, because if you don’t get the concepts well in here, if you drop for NEET you won’t be able to go for concepts as time would be less. So please please please go for concepts, concentrate on what’s taught in class /coaching,there is high chance you won’t understand it properly on the first go, go to YouTube watch videos of those topics taught in class, there are wonderful animated videos on YouTube for free, which make physics concepts beautiful and easy, then solve problems from the textbook you are following, please please solve NCERT questions , they are absolutely brilliant for concept building. Initially it would be tough, but trust me if you do this for the whole 11th class, class 12th and NEET both would be a cakewalk.

2.The above point was mainly for physics, chemistry is a tad bit easier than physics, mainly the physical and inorganic part, again when organic starts, try to learn the basic concepts well.

  1. And for Biology, I have no advice. It’s the reason you have chosen NEET, so obviously studying biology would be fun, and obviously needless to say for BIOLOGY studying the NCERT is enough, but how many times, that depends on How you read it.
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