I need answer and explanation of answer

Hello @Snehasingh03,
This simple question but little tricky, I have attached the detail solution, check that and try to understand the concept.

Still, if you have any query or doubt then you can ask me.

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How i take interest in physics

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Scoring good marks, solving numericals and all other academic stuff which we do, have nothing much to do with developing interest in particular subject.

For that, all you need to have is passion and curiosity. If you have it then it will become easier.

Look around, there are many things (in fact, everything) happening around you involve some Physics. Ask question to yourself, “why is it happening?”, “why this, why not this?”. Keep asking questions from you. Find the explanation of what you see. First try to answer by yourself. If you are able to answer that move to the next question. If couldn’t then don’t give up. Keep trying.

Find people who may have the answers. One most important thing is, don’t just get the answers from them and leave. Discuss it with them. Figure out, why wasn’t you able to answer it earlier? Did you know the required basic concepts for that question? Were you able to use those concepts for answering the questions? If not then find the answers of that too. Now if you didn’t know those basic concepts then now is the time to go for books.

Find a good book, learn those topics and then try to answer it again. First learn the concepts then do MUST derive the formulas (then only you will be able to implement it in your numerical questions or in practical life situation). Now you will be able to answer it. Keep a practice of the above method. After some time you will find some Pattern in answering questions. You will find that almost all the questions are inter-related.

Hope it answers your question.

Last but not least, don’t just try to mug-up the theories and formulas to answer/solve question, Learn it. Do not take it as work otherwise it will become boring. Enjoy it!!!

And once you achieved that, help others if you can.

If you are panicked,try doing meditation everyday it will help you.

Now coming to point, why are you unable to understand physics. This is because maybe you don’t know how to approach Physics, how to study it.

Firstly,its very important that your math should be perfect. You can’t understand Physics without math.

Develop your interest in Physics, because until and unless you don’t develop interest in Physics, you will find it boring and then you will unable to grasp concepts.

What are you learning theory try to apply in real world, try to understand it by applying in day to day life. Continue this till your concepts get crystal clear.

Now its final steps , try to solve numericals from basic to advanced level and the best book for doing this is none other but HC Verma.

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