I want a study partner for neet 2024 to study together and solve each other doubts

I join here to find a study partner because in my friend circle I am the only one ther preparing for neet 2024 so that,s why


Ok bro share your Instagram or any other thing am also preparing for neet 2024


Yeah I can join ya…bring forth something where we can communicate

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Do you have any telegram account

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U can join with me for neet preparation together :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If any then please be a part of my journey

Hii u can join with me

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Ohkk you cann practice with me but I gave in 2025

Mr.alok Kumar

Priyanka dhakad

Buddy I also want study partner for set daily targets and doubt solve✨

Let’s make a telegram group where we all can join and study together and also solve doubts

Ookkk please thankyou

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Is there anyone’ who thought to purchase yakeen 2.o batch 18 may

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Yes i have purchased also 2 LEC are done…i don’t use insta how should i contact u?

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SAME , 2024 would be my first attempt and i really don’t have any proper guidance.

Insta I’d - adarsh_7488

How can we get connected?
I’m here too preparing for 2024.

is this your first attempt too ?

yes , please