I want to pass the NEET at first attempt. What should I do?

I am currently studying class 11 and I want to pass the NEET at first attempt. What should I do?


As you are in class 11th I’d like to firstly tell you that’s this is
the most crucial point of your career, don’t take this phase of your
life lightly. All your life depends on this time.
I’ll suggest that you first join a good coaching class. Choose a good
coaching class Aakash or Allen. Follow what they are saying and try
not to lag behind their schedule. Study what is taught that day only.
Focus less or in fact negligible on your school. I suggest joining the
integrated course provided by the coaching class. The secret to
qualifying exams is to maintain mental stability and to keep yourself
motivated the entire 2 years before the exam. Study hard and
consistently. Increase the time you dedicate to studies.
Wake up early and sleep late. Take all tests given by the coaching
class. Keep a check on your health. Take occasional breaks in
studies. Avoid food that causes sleep which includes carbohydrates,
especially rice.
If possible, take out time for a half hour walk. Keep yourself
surrounded by positive people,People who continuously encourage
you to work hard and not give up. Study daily by setting daily goals,
Test yourself, Analyze your progress and performance.
Study NCERT for biology thoroughly,line by line. For physics and
chemistry keep practicing as many questions as you can. Don’t
waste time reading too much theory. Practice as many sums as you
Do remember you have to work these 2 years continuously. There is
no shortcut. Work hard and stay motivated. Your decisions at this
stage are responsible for your future. You don’t want to have any
regrets in the future

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So, I would like to share some ideas, which I never knew while studying for neet.

For Biology - study the ncert thoroughly, write test, repeat it. Because most of the question, nearly all, are asked from ncert.

For chemistry - so we can split chemistry in 3,

Organic, Inorganic, Physical

In organic and Inorganic, most of the questions will be asked directly from text book. So, study the book through, revise it and keep it in your finger tips.

For physical, most of the question will be problems, understand the concept throughly and practice problems.Mostly it will be simple problems.

At last physics, I heard this from neet toppers of my school at that time.

For group study( since it’s residential school, it would be easy) - They sit together and plan the topics for each one ie.) one has to do topic 1 ,other has to do with topic 2 and so on. And they would explain it to each other. After they study the topic and answer the question. They won’t answer many questions since it wastage of time, do only 2–3 models for question. They used arora book that time.don’t solve more than 3–4 question in the same model. There will be some 15–20 models , which is almost repeated.

Self study - first try to understand the concept but don’t go deeply. Remember you’re going to attend the exam not a research in physics.

You can take notes or even you can record in your mobile and revise it.

Don’t waste in solving 10 -20 questions in a single topic ( the mistake I made). Solve some question. And revise it.

Some of the tips are,

Put the flexible plan for yourself, don’t copy others.
Expect unavoidable conditions, follow it properly.
Solve last year question papers.
Do many as many mock test you can.
Finally revise, revise and revise.

You never knew how much potential you have untill you start it. Stay close to the positive ones. Stay hydrated and healthy. Feeling demotivated is a common thing, but overcome it.

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Bhaiya it is sufficient to do only pyq for inorganic
Please tell

Just follow this 100%, and you will definitely succeed…

Follow this Timetable:

Daily: Atleast 150 questions should be done (PCB Combined)

Weekly: Notes of the new topics covered in the week should be revised properly .

Monthly: All the notes should be revised.

You should study in a target based manner. Take up a chapter and keep giving its test till you score atleast 90% in it. Once you score so, move ahead with the next chapter. That is how one should proceed…

Also know this:

Read this overall guide for your preparation:

The Complete NEET Guide:

  1. Be sincere in your efforts (Half hearted efforts do not give fruitful results!)

  2. Practice from limited and standard books like SL Arora HC VERMA, etc. Don’t go for too many books. Do limited books, and do it more number of times. Become perfect in them. The end objective is to gain confidence. If you are able to get good marks and have gained confidence… That’s it. You are there… One should create a balance between doing and non-doing… One should not over-do anything! Over-doing brings dullness and self-doubt.

  3. Get a good mentor you can find .Mentor is the person who knows what should be done and what should not be done. He/she is the best guide.

4.Focus more on previous year questions of NEET and other medical exams that were conducted earlier (statewise)

Time Management: Never look at what the clock is ticking… You should study in a target based manner. A good candidate should do atleast 120-150 questions per day (PCB Combined) (and whatever time it takes. If it takes 2 hours, well enough. Enjoy after that. But if it requires whole day, be ready to give it. After all, its about your dream and your whole life!) . And every week, one should revise all his/her self made notes. If that happens whole year, marks my words: Result is guaranteed… J Also, don’t be so harsh on yourself. Life is a combination of being rigid and being flexible. You can take a day off every week in this process. That’s not a problem at all. Mind should be happy too… Otherwise if you just overuse it without giving it enjoyment and rest, then one day your mind will ditch you! It won’t listen to you ! So keeping the mind happy is also very imp.

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