If I start Reading NCERT For NEET 24. How many Hours per day should I read?

If I start Reading NCERT For NEET 24. How many Hours per day should I read ?

it somehow depends on your efficiency but ideally you must give 6 hrs of self study


Hii @Waheedchalla
Its never about how much time you should read…
Its about the concepts
And NCERT is the simplest yet the most complicated…
Just simply clear the concept in first go…
Then second day you have to revise the concept and memorise the important examples…
“Surely at the end … You must be revising NCERT so much revision that you’ll learn it by heart”
I can even tell you konse Qs konse examples ncert ke konse page pe hai.
So keep studying smartly…
And dont fall for all tips ad tricks…
What works for you what works for you; what works for me what works for me.

Do what’s best for you!


Tumhe ncert according to time nhi padhni nhi chahiye ye tumhe topic wise padhni chahiye or jese bada topic ho to usse 3 hiso me divide Karo jese cell biology.
Or chote topic ho unko ak sath cover up kro and topic jese animal kingdom usse 2 din me cover kro or ager ncert ka koi bada h to uss ke sath tum physics and chemistry ke chote topic suru Karo, iss se per day tum jitna time padhna chiho bhi cover hoga or according way sab kuch shi chalte rhega


Study NCERT completely (2-3 times). Don’t forget to read every line of this book. Any line can be picked up as a question or an option. Each diagram and table is very important. Practice MCQs from NCERT and your coaching material. Make notes from the start and revise regularly from them.

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