IIT be cleared with 70 days of serious preparations?

Can IIT be cleared with 70 days of serious preparations?

IIT is not the game of toys. it is like a bed of roses with a lot of thrones if u get feel it like a simple way it is not possible.

but surely if u have a little bit knowledge of each and every topic taught in classroom or coaching whatever. u can easily get a deep knowledge about each and every part of the syllabus for this it is true that u have to do so much hard work that there will no time to say hi to yourself.

I am also from the variety of student from which u are. I can easily understand the fear inside each and every participant who is going to start preparations just before 60–70 days before the joint entrance exam.

I would like to suggest you to prefer notes rather than the variety of books if u can make some short notes and revise it regularly it iwill surely be helpful in ur main exam. and one thing u must follow is to solve previous test papers which was held in ur coaching and also revise the previous IIT exams papers.