IIT JEE physics, which book is best, Irodov or Krotov?

For IIT JEE physics, which book is best, Irodov or Krotov?


As per the IIT JEE toppers’ suggestions both books are best from their point of view. In Irodov there are many problems and you need very good knowledge in that particular topic to solve the problems, it not only checks how much you know the basics but it requires a deep knowledge where you push your limit of what you learned in that topic.

On the other hand, Krotov is more conceptual and holds slightly more difficult questions than Irodov. In Krotov’s problems the questions will be short but you need to think more to solve this kind of question. It means that Krotov is mostly based on detailed and conceptual questions there is the best point in Krotov is the answers are explained very well so that any student can understand them easily.

So these two books are good as well as these books are suggested by many iitian mentors, if you want to get a strong hold in physics then you go for two books.

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