I'm in 11th mere bio me bahut backlogs lg chuke h or purana revise nhi ho paa rha kyuki present ka bahut load h time hi nhi nikal rha what should is do?

Kindly help me in this problem

Every student face such type of problems so don’t be anxious about this situation and try to calm your mind and sit with a copy and pen and decide what u have to do today. Don’t think much about backlog,the more u think and regret more time will pass on and there will be no output. Stop thinking start doing

U can manage your backlog with ur ongoing topics u have to just decide what u will do today.
And don’t think about other people what they done or how much they have done u just focus on your self try to decide what u will do today.

Don’t create backlogs for clearing backlogs
Find some extra time for completing backlog like 3-4 hrs before sleep and try to make a schedule for that(take help from exprto mentors). We won’t waste today’s work for backlogs as your today’s work will become a backlog.

After some time u will understand that u were anxious just by seeing others and thinking more about what is pending and just by this u were wasting ur priceless time.

So just plan ur work schedule and try to stick to that and u will see that u are doing better than earlier and this improvement will also be seen in ur results.
If u still find difficulty u can contacts our exprto team we are here to help u.

Here are some of the tips that I would like to tell you to clear your backlogs

Make a study timetable having specific time for backlog topics: apart from time that you are giving for current going on topic take out extra time for backlogs like on Sundays or when you have completed your ongoing topic

Don’t make your present topic as the new backlog: first complete on going topic then go for backlogs don’t create backlogs for completing backlogs this is the major mistake that many aspirants do

Stay calm and don’t panic: As you have ample of time don’t be in a rush to just complete things do them properly so that you remember them for long term

Prepare small achievable targets which include both fresh studies and backlog:Make a to-do list of targets and try to complete those topics

Increase your study hours: surely as you have some topics left so you have to give some extra time to cover them up

Give all your extra time to backlogs: extra time apart from your regular study time table give that in completing your backlogs

Clear your doubts quickly and keep revising the topics: clear your doubts as soon as possible

Stay away from distractions: don’t waste your time in useless and unnecessary things

All the best

Hey buddy!
First of all you are just in 11th now; its not that you dont have to worry…but you have plenty amount of time to cover up everything.
Now here you go-
Make a proper daily schedule in which you will be having 6 hours of lectures/coaching, followed by 2-2.5hrs of revision time in which you will revise the topics taught in lectures that day and do your homework.
Then you will be left with 4 hours of your time, you can utilise this time to study the backtopics and solve their questions.

If you have any problem with schedule then you can connect to me through sessions and we will work with daily tasks.

Now I would suggest you to opt for any coaching where you will be getting proper materials, test series and faculties who can clear your doubts.
Remember that offline coaching is always better than online coaching.

Since you have all of the topics of 11th in backlog you need to atleast complete vectors and basic maths to solve physics…rest of the chapters will be dealt with later on.
So that was the basic framework of how you can reconstruct your preparation. For more details you need to get a mentor who can guide you throughout the process.
All the best