Important elements in chemistry?

•In casting of copper as a dioxidizer
•Boron rods used in automic reactor.
•Boron fiber used in bullet proof jacket,
•In composite material of aircraft
•Used in braintumer therapy.

:cherries: BORAX:
•As a flux for soldring metal.
•In borex bead test
•In softning of water
•Manufacturing of enamels of glazes, tiles.
•For making optical and borosilicals SS.
•Food preservative

:cherries: ALUMINIUM:
• Making house hold, untensils, frames, roof,aircrafts.
• Electric wire.
•Thermite process (In metallurgy of Cr, Mn, Fe)
•For transportin nitric acid.
•AI, Hg used as reducing agent.
•Aluminium powder + Ammonium nitrate.

:cherries: LEAD [Pb]:
•In making telegraph and telephone wires
•Making bullets
•Making chamber in HSO, process.

:cherries: NITROGEN:
•In the manufacturing of HNO3, NH3, CaCN2.
•Liquid nitrogen used as refrigrant.
•Inert atmosphere in metallurgy.
•Gas thermometer and electrical bulb

:cherries: NH3:
• Refrigeration
•Manufacturing HNO3, NaHCO3
•Artificial Silk.
• Urea Formation
•For solvent

:cherries: HNO3:
• Manufacturing of ammonium nitrateas fertilizer.
•In explosive
• For making nitroglycerine.
• Making TNT.
• Pickling against of stainless steel.
• Etching of Metal
•Oxidizer in rocket fule.