Important JEE Questions and Answers

How can I be an IITian? I am in 11th and want to crack the JEE in the first attempt. What daily routine will you suggest me?
These are some of the tips for cracking IIT :

  1. Plan a daily timetable which should have equal distribution of number of hours to each subject.
  2. While studying the subject, make sure to invest time in the theoritical part as well as on solving good questions keeping in mind the time constraints. Practise answering each question is a certain time frame so you get into the exam mode from day 1.
  3. Always start from BASICS because “without a base, there will be no altitude” and “journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.
  4. Always BUILD UP RIGHT & APPROPRIATE BASICS because “once the track of train changes, it will go on only that track”. So always select the right track and follow that consistently .
  5. Never check solutions of questions before attempting the question. SELF-ATTEMPT at least five times before you take a peek at the solution. Persevere till you get the right answer because “without falling you cannot stand at once”.
  6. Never leave the question in between. There are students who practice a question without attempting it as a whole. This is a very big fault of many students and it may become a negative point sometimes. So please avoid this practice and try to analyse the problem, attempt and if you fail then check the solution. Be truthful to yourself in these attempts as only you gain from it.
  7. Always try a question with a CONCEPTUAL APPROACH. Don’t just read the question and then start answering it without getting to the bottom of what it is asking. Take a breath, think and answer. This will seem difficult at the start but once you make it a practice, it will become the norm for you.
  8. Your study schedule should be such that you get the time for a little relaxation and enjoyment daily.
  9. Having a time schedule is fine but REGULARITY in studies is the combination that will help you crack the exam.
  10. Adequate sleep or rest of at least 6-7 hours a day is mandatory if you are preparing for IIT-JEE otherwise your mindset for next day will not be conductive for further studies.
  11. Do not get into the habit of studying late into the night. Instead get up at 6 in the morning and sleep by 11 at night. This will keep your brain activity maximum in the morning and will help you when you actually attempt JEE.
  12. Never cram whatever you learn; always TRY TO UNDERSTAND and approach the problem by studying the theory conceptually.
  13. BE CONFIDENT while you are preparing. NEVER LOSE CONFIDENCE. Motivation is important all the way till you reach an IIT of your choice.

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I am in class 11 currently, and starting my JEE preparation from the month of October. How do I prepare for it?


There are some suggestions for it :

  1. Prepare a time table and study according to it.
  2. Don’t study continuously for long hours . Take small breaks in between.
  3. Practice previous year questions .
  4. Give mock tests . After test give atleast 2–3 hours for self-analyzing.
  5. Note down your mistakes after every test and don’t repeat them.
  6. Work on your weak points. Learn from your mistakes.
  7. Revision is must.
  8. Keep yourself calm.
  9. Clear your doubts . Don’t keep them to yourself only.

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I totally wasted my class 11. I just have one year in my hand to crack the JEE. Can I get AIR <500 within a year?

First thing u should do is to be CALM…as I think u r bit stressed and tensed about the situation…
I myself wasted My 11th but in 12th suddenly felt that “it was now or never situation” and give my best for the preparation… therefore don’t see urself with pity at any instant…
first thing u have to do is to start being up to date with your coaching …and doing all the work given by your teachers being done on time…
and side by side devoting 1-2 hour daily for the 11th topics as u have to get a hold over them or else u can ask your faculty to guide u to set a time table as all coaching have different set pattern of study your teacher would guide u on time table…
start giving FOCUS ON TESTS and try tom improve your marks by 1% for every exam.

I may not guarantee the AIR <500 but I will assure if you follow above tips, your AIR would be <3000

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Can I take the NSEJS in class 9? If yes, then how can I prepare and apply for it?

For Preparation the books you should follow…


  1. Pradeeps- both IX and X
  2. Physics IIT foundation series( Pearson)-both IX and X
  3. NCERT class 11 and 12- just read the basic trivial topic. No need to go into calculus but it wont harm you either as you might require it in further levels.
  4. Principles of Physics- Halliday, Walker and Resnick - only the topics that are in the IX and X syllabus.
  5. Concise Physics (ICSE) IX and X- Selina publisher


  1. Pradeep’s-both IX and X
  2. IIT foundation series Chemistry (Pearson)-both IX and X
  3. Any book of Class XI is a must.
  4. Physical Chemistry- Atkins


  1. Challenges and Thrills of Pre-College Mathematics
  2. An Excursion in Mathematics
  3. Although not necessary Number Theory by DM Burton
  4. Problem Primer for the Olympiad
  5. Inequalities- BJ Venkatachala ( It is a must as many problems from inequalities come)


  1. Campbell Biology - it is the best book for any exam on Biology but it is expensive at the same time.
  2. If you think Campbell is expensive then just use Concise Biology(ICSE)-IX and X- Selina Publishers

How to apply…

The application process for the National Standard Examination in Junior Science (NSEJS) is fully offline. To get the NSEJS 2021 Application Form you can follow the step-by-step procedure given below:

Step-I: You will first have to locate the closest NSE Centre for the examination in your city/ district. You can find the list of all NSE Centres with their address and contact details.

Step-II: Once you get in touch with the Centre Coordinator he/she will give you the NSEJS Application Form. You can fill the application form for NSEJS 2023 and must submit it back to the Centre Coordinator before the NSEJS Registration is closed.

Which type of notebooks are used by JEE aspirants for taking notes?

JEE doesn’t care about notebooks or simple papers to solve questions. All you have to do is putting 100% efforts with proper implementation of skills on that particular area in which you are working.

Kindly don’t ask these silly questions like :—

1.which underwear he/she(topper) uses?

2.which brand suits him/her?

3.which pen he/she uses to score?

4.what kind of food he/she eats?

5.what kind of water he/she drinks?

  1. Which bed he/she prefers for sleep?

Blah ….Blah……Blah…

These things never matters in life because everyone has his/her own living lifestyle. Kindly do not attach these things with yours.

Sometimes , i feel like how such people exists asking these silly questions instead of solving a DPP/sheet of any subject.

JEE is all about :—








Do not attach the materialism world with one other and never thought to copy someone’s lifestyle.

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What is the mindset to solve the IIT JEE Advanced questions?

A positive mindset can single-handedly take you across the line from an underachiever to the one who achieves more than he/she had prepared for. Don’t deviate yourself with the what if and buts before the paper. These suppositions leave you in the midst of things and are never conclusive enough. Take a drink of cold water, breathe long and deep make yourself comfortable enough to deal with for the next three hours. The positive mindset comes only with a positive attitude.

Have a plan ready for the areas you are going to target in the paper and do not leave any stone unturned to get the most out of that section. After all, not everyone is an ace in all of the fields. Try to channelize your energy and score in your area of comfort and confidence. Don’t be toiled by too much of pressure to score.

Have a belief in yourself that you have devoted two important years of your life preparing for the same and it’s the time to deliver them all here. Have a cool and composed head and solve each and every question with an altogether new level of enthusiasm even in case the previous question was unsolved. Not all the questions are tough and the previous one might have been of a different level. Focus on this question and get the best out of your efforts with this question.

The right mindset would definitely help you pave your way through success and make the most of the opportunity and get into the world after clearing the JEE with flying colors.

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What should an IIT aspirant not do?


  1. Do not Show Disinterest During Lectures:

Pay attention to what is taught in colleges. At my beginning time of preparation, I did not pay attention in college and I thought that will study this chapter later . This is one of the biggest mistake that many students commits. You should change this attitude immediately. Even if your coaching teacher teaches you basics it will serve as revision of previous concept.

  1. Don’t become a bookworm:

Preparing for IIT JEE Exam does not mean that you go into the world of books and forget there is other world too. Enjoy your life while studying. You can always get some time for yourself amid your busy study schedule. Spend some time with your parents if you are at home. If you are in hostels, give some time to enjoy with friends.

  1. Do not waste your leisure time

It is very important that you take break from studies at regular intervals. But try avoiding watching television or surfing through social media as it can end up getting lousy. You may start enjoying and can push your studies further for few hours. It may happen that you initially thought of taking break for half an hour but you keep surfing net for one hour.

Instead you can utilize your leisure time for some productive work. Read novels, listen to music, take power nap etc. during this time as they will restore your mental alertness.

  1. Do not cut your sleep and be overambitious:

It is said that “A good laugh and a good sleep are the two best cures for everything.” You should always get a good sleep. A minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep is vital for you to grasp anything that you study. It is of no use if you could not retain what you study. Less sleep causes headache and bad mood. You cannot prepare yourself for IIT JEE Exam in bad mood. So, sleep well. Also, less sleep can have profound consequences on your physical health. Regular poor sleep puts you at risk of serious medical conditions and you can fall ill at the time of your examination or your studies may get affected due to this.

  1. Keep distance from negative people:

Nothing is more powerful than a creative mind. In Bhagvad Gita it has been said ‘Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is’. If you stay with people who are optimistic then your mind will be filled with positive thoughts and it will boost your confidence. You will feel good and happy. A happy mind is a healthy mind, a healthy mind is good for the body.
Always think about positive things. It may happen that you may get toughest paper ever; it may also happen that you do not remember formula or you might go blank, but remember this is just your thought. Always think positive. It may also happen that you might get an easy paper and you might even remember everything.

Always keep distance from negative people. Remember negative thought have only one purpose to destroy you. Always believe in yourself. According to famous author and speaker Steve Maraboli “ Do not let other people opinions destroy your reality. Be true to yourself. Be bold in pursuing your dreams. Be unapologetically you.” Stay away from people who think you wouldn’t. No matter if he is your closest friend or your relative.

  1. Don’t give up:

Always keep moving. It will happen many a times that you think of giving up. But hang on, beginning is always toughest. In starting, any concept will appear tedious to you but with time and your efforts everything will start being easier. Stop panicking. So, keep your all doubts aside and focus on your preparation.

You are master of your decisions. Nobody can guide you how to prepare for IIT JEE better than yourself. Be honest to yourself. Listen to everyone but prepare for the exam in your own way.

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What is the eligibility and process for applying for the JEE Mains 2023?


  • Students should have passed the 12th class or qualifying the exam in 2021 or 2022.
  • Candidates appearing in 12th class or equivalent qualifying exams in 2023 can also apply.
  • No age limit to appear for JEE Main 2023 exam. Any student who has passed the 12th class or its equivalent exam in the year 2021, 2022, or appearing in 2023 can apply for the entrance exam.
  • Students can appear in the JEE Main exam for three consecutive years. The entrance test will be conducted four times a year.
  • For B.Tech , He/She should have passed the qualifying exam with Physics, Mathematics, and any one of (Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Technical Vocational Subject).


Candidates should follow the below given steps to fill out the JEE Main application form hassle free.

Step 1 - Registration - Firstly, candidates have to complete the JEE Main 2023 registration by providing some basic details such as email id, contact number, and name. Candidates will also have to create a password and answer the security questions. Upon successful registration, a unique JEE Main 2023 application number will be generated. Save the registration number as it will be used for all the further logins.

Step 2 - Complete application form - In the next step, candidates have to login to the account using the generated application number and password and submit all the required details.

Step 3 - Upload the documents - All the relevant documents need to be uploaded in the specified format.




Scanned Photograph

  • Size - 10 kb to 200 kb
  • Format - JPG/JPEG

Scanned Signature

  • Size - 4 kb to 30 kb
  • Format - JPG/JPEG

12thAdmit card/Marksheet/Certificate

  • Size - 50kb to 500kb

Step 4 - Payment of application fee - Make the payment of the NTA JEE Main 2023 application fee. To make the payment, select Debit card/Credit card/Net banking etc. option and follow the instructions.

Step 5 - Printout of confirmation page - Finally, after making the successful payment, candidates should take a printout of the submitted application form.

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Is it still possible to crack the JEE Advanced 2023 with just 2 months left?


If you start from scratch then preparing for JEE in just 2 month is difficult as syllabus is wide and vast but yes you can definitely crack it, if you are ready to work hard ,study well and remain honest towards your preparation and study with concentration.

Follow the below tips:-

Go through your syllabus and as you have less time, focus and stress more on important and scoring topics or chapters which are listed below subject wise along with their chapter wise weight age based on past year papers :-


*Modern Physics:- 20 marks

*Heat and Thermodynamics :- 12 marks

*Optics:- 12 marks

*Current Electricity :- 12 marks

*Electrostatics :- 12 marks

*Magnetics :- 8 marks


  • Transition Elements and Coordination Chemistry :- 12 marks

  • Periodic table and Representative Elements :- 12 marks

  • Thermodynamics And Gaseous State:- 8 marks

  • Atomic Structure:- 8 marks

  • Chemical Bonding:- 8 marks

  • Chemical And Ionic Equilibrium:- 8 marks


  • Coordinate Geometry :- 20 marks

  • Limits, Continuity and Differentiability :- 12 marks

  • Integral Calculus :- 12 marks

  • Complex numbers and Quadratic Equation :- 8 marks

  • Matrices and Determinants :- 8 marks

  • Statistics and Probability :- 8 marks

  • Vector Algebra :- 8 marks

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Can I still crack Jee advanced 2023 if my class 11th preparation is only upto JEE Mains level?

Of course YES!! You still have one year left. Anyway your Class 11 preparation is up to JEE Mains level. So I will give few suggestions .

  1. Continue the same form which you currently doing.
  2. Give equal importance to all three of Math, Physics and Chemistry.
  3. Chemistry appears boring and mugging things more, but it gives you more marks in less time.
  4. Try to read NCERT books especially in Chemistry. (I think you are doing same)
  5. Never give up on yourself and always try to learn and understand concepts.
  6. Learn the very basics of concepts and use it to solve the hardest of the questions.
  7. Speed up your calculations and accuracy.
  8. Keep revising formulas and concepts on a regular interval.
  9. Never leave doubts and keep clearing them.
  10. Never postpone your planned targets.

Remember if you are good at JEE Mains level and if you some more efforts , then for sure you will crack IIT JEE.

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Is NCERT enough for the electrochemistry part for the JEE Mains?

Around 80% of questions of chemistry will come directly or indirectly from NCERT only.

As far as chemistry is considered, don’t go after any resource other than NCERT.

This book is Good, but there’s no meaning of wasting time by reading this lengthy book. Rather, you can use this only for some topics which are not clear in NCERT.

Do NCERT’S and revise them as many times as you can if you have enough time. Put in that extra patience and effort in Mathematics and Physics.

Cracking JEE exam is not about reading too many lengthy books, rather it’s all about understanding the concepts from one source and then learning how to apply it in problems. Limit your resources and revise them again and again.

One golden rule is that, “Read a book 10 times, rather than reading 10 books only 1 time”

Stick to basics. There lies the whole point. So read ELECTROCHEMISTRY from NCERT and practice questions. Practice PYQs as well.

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I passed12th in 2021. Can I take the JEE Advanced for the first time in 2023?

No you cannot appear for JEE-Advance 2023 but you can appear for JEE-Main 2023 and as you have passed class 12th in 2021 so you are eligible for JEE-Main 2022 and JEE-Advance 2022. However you can appear for JEE-Advance 2022 if you qualify JEE-Main 2022 and this will be your final attempt for JEE-Advance because it does not matter whether you miss an attempt or not it will be deducted with year being passed on.

This is because maximum attempts allowed for JEE-Advance is 2 in 2 consecutive years, first attempt in the passing year of class 12th or equivalent examination and second attempt in very next year to that. Similarly for JEE-Main maximum attempts allowed for JEE-Main is 3 in 3 consecutive years, first attempt in the passing year of class 12th or equivalent examination and second attempt in very next year to that followed by third attempt in third year.

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What are the best colleges for me with a CRL of 8367 in the JEE Mains?

Congrats For Your extremely great 99.2 percentile in JEE mains.

This is very good percentile so you should try for top NIT’s with CS branch if you like CS otherwise you can get any Branch in Top 10 NIT’s.

  • National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli, Tamilnadu .
  • National Institute of Technology, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh .
  • National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, Karnataka .
  • Moulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal, M.P.
  • Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad, U.P
  • National Institute of Technology, Calicut, Kozhikode, Kerala
  • National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, West Bengal
  • National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh
  • Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • Dr. B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, Punjab

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Can I crack the IIT JEE 2023 if I start from now? My 11th has been totally wasted and I am depressed.

Obviously bro!

be chill and tension free. Do not get depressed.

You have still 15 months for jee adv. Think about repeaters. They have only 12 to crack jee exam. But you have still 15 months to go.

You have to start doing hard working from now onwards. If you still starts now doing hard work, like studying atleast 7–8 hrs daily, excluding your institute time, then i think there should not a hope, there should be a confidence to to crack iit jee.

And specially never think that you had wasted months, because it will give you nothing but depression.

And getting depressed shows that you are not fit for IIT.

Best of luck . You have to do very hard work from now onwards to get a good rank in iit jee.

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I have wasted my entire 11th class. Can I clear JEE advance with a good rank if I study class 12th properly?

Yes, you can still crack JEE with a good rank if you have wasted class 11. For you the priority must be time management. Start with your missed, weakest and important chapters of class 11 along with 12th. Divide your schedule into 70% of your study time in class 12 topics and 30% in class 11 topics.

Tips to crack JEE with a good rank if you wasted class 11.

  • Never lag behind from now on. You already have a lot of backlog, it’s better not to increase it now.
  • Do the hard work. You have one year to master a 2 year (11th and 12th) course. You will have to study at-least 6 hours on weekdays and 10 hours on weekends along with your school and coaching.
  • Study from NCERT for Chemistry. Just read line by line and repeat.
  • For Mathematics, practice is very much important! Formulas should be on your tips.
  • In Physics, work on your concepts so that you will be able to solve every type of question in the exam.
  • Improve your speed, accuracy and time management skills. This is possible with lots of questions solving and practice. Learn to apply tricks in solving problems.
  • Make revision notes. It’s easy and convenient to revise handmade notes in your own style and format, rather than revising from thick books and coaching modules. Make a separate notebook for remembering formulas in all three subjects.
  • Solve the previous years questions
  • Give as many tests as you can. Giving the tests provides the real examination environment, it also tells you how to properly manage the time in all the 3 subjects.
  • Be calm and patient. No point in taking stress now. You have made a mistake but the good thing about all this is that you know you have made a mistake and want to correct it.

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