Important topics in organic chemistry

What are the most important topics in terms of the use of IITs in organic chemistry?

JEE Mains has (probably) 10 common questions, and answering a few of them will do you really good. The best thing about is that it takes barely 7-10 minutes to get to 40 (10 * 4). Do not ignore the reactions mentioned in the NCERT manual, review the reaction mechanisms mentioned in the NCERT manual. There are no direct questions about the mechanism, but it helps you remember your reaction. It also solves some difficult problems. Begin with a good understanding of organic chemistry in general, pay more attention to basic concepts and move on to the reactions section. Basic concepts such as the intensity of acid radicals are important for understanding the mechanism. Do not skip the last three chapters of NCERT 12 (Part 2). Organic should seriously read at least one reaction/concept per day. Ask a few questions (avoid questions based on answers not included in NCERT). Solve/work on more conceptual problems. Answering questions about the basics . As a rule, the questions asked on the exam simply repeat the questions from the previous year.Honest answers to all questions from of the previous year. This shows the depth and level of questions asked. Check out Himanshu Pandey’s book and Paula Bruce’s book for workarounds and avoid using WhatsApp and Facebook.