Increase your physics score up 60 plus %

I will revise your whole syllabus in a very simple and easy way…

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Back to your original question, in order to score around 150 in physics, doing following should do it:

first theory should be at your fingertips. Considering less and less theory related are being asked in NEET, NCERT facts would be more than enough.
In my drop year, i wrote all the formulas in A4 size papers so whenever i sat down to solve questions i knew which formula to use. This also boosted my confidence. Most of the questions in NEET are formula based(a big example is NEET 2017 paper).
Now,comes the most important part -practicing questions. First,books. I consulted my aakash modules just for questions which were good enough. Then,in my drop year i bought a big fat book (by BM Sharma) It was in 2 volume and had no theory but lots and lots of questions which covered all topics. Pradeep is also good for theory. And of course,do not forget to go through NCERT questions and exampler at least once. But i never read HC VERMA or DC pandey so not recommending