Irodov or krotov which one is better

For IIT JEE physics, which book is best, Irodov or Krotov?

Both books are good to build strong concepts in physics. The examples, theories and practice questions in Irodov’s physics are difficult and complex. To solve the problems from this book you need a very strong hold in physics. If you consult with experts or join IIT JEE mentorship program, many of them will suggest you not to study this book because of high difficulty level of questions. Although if you think you could take complex problems then you can go for Irodov.
Krotov is recommended by many for JEE aspirants. You will get many different types of questions including many MCQ type questions. For more practice questions and multiple type questions you can use this book. It contains lots of conceptual questions. Many problems are asked in International Olympiad from this book.