Is 10-12 hours of study necessary in NEET?

Is 10-12 hours of study necessary in NEET?


Many students in the early days try to study for at least 10-12
hours. I would personally advise you not to do the same. Some of
my suggestions are:

Try to study for a few hours, but use the time wisely. It’s not the
amount of time that matters, but the quality of the work you’ve
created. Even if you are going to study for three hours, make sure
you use that time perfectly without wasting a minute. Make sure you
sleep 6-7 hours a day. If there is an exam the next day, make sure
you get at least 5 hours of sleep. Don’t panic and start taking night
trips. This spells trouble for you in the long run.
Do the work assigned by your teachers regularly and never miss
anything as it would be rote for you. Try to be perfect in theory in
every subject. For example, if you are solving atomic structure in
chemistry, make sure you are perfect in the theory part like all
required formulas and then start solving problems.Write NEET UG
test frequently. This will help you realize your potential and clarify
your next step. Use rank predictors to predict your rank with the
marks you have scored.
NEVER HESITATE TO ASK ANY DOUBT. Also, don’t put things
off. If you feel that any subject is so difficult to study, make sure you
familiarize yourself with the concept thoroughly and if you have any
doubts, clear them. GIVE EQUAL IMPORTANCE TO ALL


Every student has it’s own potential and capabilities some can complete a chapter in a day some take 2-3 day for single chapter

So main focus should be on how much content you are covering in a day rather than time you are spending .

Make a plan for your day and set goal and achieve it at any cost whether it take 6hrs or 12hrs.


My simple answer would be No , considering you are an average student in your class .
10-14 hrs is a myth to fool people into thinking that NEET is a tough exam .
*Bhyiiiii chaudah chaudah ghantey padhe Hain tabb , NEET nikla hai *
This is a lie .
I studied for an approx of 6hrs for complete year and last mein used to study a little extra 10 hrs , 1 Month before NEET .
That’s it .


Hi so it is one of the most frequently asked question that how much we should study for the need so as far as studying is concerned it is not like that you should have to study for 10 to 12 hour daily it totally depends upon your potential many students can do the work in 5 and 6 hours and some can do same amount of work in 20 hour so it is not like that everybody should study for 10 to 12 hour but only thing that we should keep in mind that we should not pile up the work means that we should complete all the work daily and the topics which are taught in the class should be done on the same day along with the question practice so the key is you should not keep piling the backlog if you do the work daily then you will able retain the concept for a longer period of time and that will lead to the more sharp concept and it is not depend upon the time you are devoting it depends upon the consistency.


It is necessary

You can follow these schedule

As all of us know ,quality is better than quantity.Then most of people tell that it’s enough to stdy 6&7 hrs.Bt in my opinion it is necessary to stdy 10-12 hrs .cuz, NEET Syllabus is not vast it’s okay.Bt There is need of consistent hardwork and revision.Means for dealing 96 chapters , it’s ake 96 or 100 days ok?!.For memorizing these chapters and doing ncert exercise,practice questions from other sources,mock tests,mocktest review,pyq and proper revision etc there is need of much more time.Therefore in case of NEET exam quality as well as quanity is necessary.