Is 9-10 hours of studying daily for the NEET in class 11 okay?

Is 9-10 hours of studying daily for the NEET in class 11 okay?


Actually these numbers do not matter. There are many students who give just 3-4 hours and crack NEET easily. Also there are many who give 7-8 hours per day then get a good rank. Everything will depend on your capacity, dedication and proper strategy. Do not try to force yourself beyond your capacity, that will not help you always. If you see after giving 100% in 3 hours you are able to the things then this much time is sufficient. If you think you can give 9-10 hours daily without any stress then you can give. If possible then connect with NEET toppers on call, they will share their preparation strategy and give tips and tricks which will help you.


You should do fruitful study. Do smart study.

Generally we start neet preparation in class 11th and class 11th id the base for neet syllabus.

So your base should be strong so that you don’t face any problem in further studies.

If you are only a coaching student and don’t go school (like dummy) then you should study at least 5 hrs a day after coaching classes.

If going both school and coaching then it might be difficult for you to cover the daily syllabus.

Your 11th class strategy should be like you have to cover daily syllabus daily, means remains regular.

It is not possible to study 10 hrs daily in class 11th because it is the starting phase and if you put yourself to do so much of study then it will become hectic to you and you will loose your confidence so manage your time nicely.

Like invest around 15 mins to play to walk.

6–7 hr study is enough in 11th if you are a regular coaching student.