Is DC Pandey good for the NEET?

Is DC Pandey good for the NEET?


Yes, absolutely DC Panday is good for NEET examination. If you can complete this book then you will gain lots of knowledge as well as it will increase the ability of your question solving. I will say after completing the HC Verma then you can solve DC Panday by that it will be helpful for you for doing the problems easily. If you face any kind of difficulties then check out the solutions and understand the explanation. If you talk with NEET toppers on call then they will also suggest this but also give you advice to solve previous years question papers that is most important.
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Is DC Pandey good for the NEET? -


Yes,Personally I feel DC pandey is a very good book
1.It covers all the important concepts as well as formulas are given in a very good way.
2.Theoritical portion is also very krisp and written easy language.
3.It has check points after every few theoretical topics in order to check whether you had understood the topic or not.
4.Every chapter has more than 100 questions which are framed very smartly so that you understand the application of concepts.

Conclusion: It is a very good book if you can complete it sincerely.


It’s a very good book .
Why do I say it ?
It increases your level smoothly , you will never know when your concepts and understanding grew , you just need to keep on solving questions. That’s it .
You have got solutions to questions, the accuracy of book is high compared to others . You have many questions from each unit to practice , so that you don’t have to worry for your resources.
I personally solved the book and somewhere scored 130+/180 .


DC pandey is one of the best book if you are looking for improving your concept in numerical.

You will get variety of question on each and every topic with detailed explanation.

One can easily score 140+ after getting a good command on this book.

Even i scored 165 in physics after doing this book.


DC Pandey is one of the best book that you can study you can score more than 150 marks. But if you are in some institute studying than just go for there Modules, daily practice paper , mock tests and tests too. They are more than sufficient


DC Pandey is the second-most recommended book after HC Verma by toppers and subject experts . It contains various multiple-choice questions that help students build strong functional knowledge to crack the NEET exam.


DC pandey is one the best book for physics if you are preparing for NEET

I personally used the book and find it pretty good

The best part in the book is that questions are level wise which help to improve concept

You can easily score more than 160+ if you manage to have a good command over the book

Yes it is, many students solve it for neet. But I would suggest you not to go for it, rather solve the modules provided by coaching institutes which you can also get for free from google. They have refined content with all types of questions from basics to multiple concepts which will help you get a good grasp on the topic. For more practice you can also solve the question banks, also provided by coachings.
Why I am emphasizing on the stuff provided by coachings is that they are completely exam oriented and you wont find any ambiguity or any useless question in there.
So you can download the modules from google and start solving them accordingly.

Yes DC Pandey is surely a good book for NEET preparation It is the second-most recommended book after HC Verma by toppers and tecahers. It contains various multiple-choice questions that help students build strong functional knowledge to crack the NEET exam. If you are a beginner or a passed-out student, you may practice Physics questions from DC Pandey to uplevel your preparedness.
But make sure before solving such books your concepts should be crystal clear and you have learned and practiced basic questions

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