Is HC Verma good for NEET physics?

Is HC Verma good for NEET physics?

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[H. C. Verma](https://H. C. Verma) is not directly beneficial for NEET. The reason behind it is it’s too good for developing

the concept. The amount of effort is required by following H.C. Verma, for which the below
the thing will be impacted badly.
Time crisis β†’ Losing the focus on other subjects to score β†’ Competition will becomestrong text tougher. [ Critical one for you] Others will be crossing over by that time as
they will do SMART work with


less Effort & Time and will be capable of answering NEET
question better with efficiently

● If you are solving Problems of H.C. Verma only then there will be highly
● In the NEET exam you might be feeling the problems are new and
interesting, you can quickly solve but NOT BE SOLVED WITH THE
SPEED you should. [ Critical one for you]
● Objective Problem Solving are required to practice a lot for Physics are
not exactly not the same pattern in NEET
● It’s a Popular book - strongly recommend for JEE Aspirants and to some
extents to AIIMS. It’s the best book who has aspiration and want to be
Physicist as a career option wanted to pursue through B. Sc. Hons or in IIT as
an integrated M. Sc / M.Tech.