Is it possible to crack IIT by two years preparation ofJEE?

Is it possible to crack IIT by two years preparation of JEE?

Well 2 years are sufficient for the JEE. But the most important thing that matter is how you do preparation for that. Get into action. Start preparing seriously. Go through the previous years’ question

papers, make a plan, join a good institute, give sufficient time for your self study, don’t compare/compete with other “geeks” early on, attend mock tests, seriously make a plan to improve your rank in those tests, study seriously, take active interest, make a list of all the strategies you come across solving the questions, memorize the 20 percent of concepts which you use 80 percent of the time, just keep them on your finger tips.
These things are really not that difficult. With “active interest in your studies” you will definitely require less than two years. If you sincerely want to crack this exam then you shouldn’t ask Can I? You should ask How Can I? This how can be answered by recent IIT JEE Rankers and you can get connected to them if you take a mentorship plan where the IIT JEE toppers will guide you and solve you doubts on how to begin preparation.