Is it possible to prepare for the NEET from the very beginning without coaching?

How do I prepare for the NEET from the very beginning without coaching?

look if you want to prepare for NEET without any tutions… two things are mandatory…HONESTY and DISCIPLINE.

Let’s go subjectwise

  1. Physics: Most feared subject among aspirants.

  2. First and foremost thing, strong your basic maths. Calculus (limits, derivatives, integration, AOD) vector, Trigo, graphs should be on your tips. Have crystal clear concepts. It will help you a lot in numericals.

  3. Then start with main topics like kinematics, NLM & energy(very important bcz same concepts will apply in rotational)

  4. some easy topics

1. gravitation (easy and scoring)
2. solids and fluids(very easy)
3. Modern physics
  1. Now for the topics refer to YT Videos. I can recommend some channels
1. Physicswallah
2. Unacademy jee
3. Physics galaxy (specially revision series)
  1. Then read NCERT (don’t read it before watching video lecture bcz it’s complex and difficult to understand). NCERT reading is very very important because some questions/graphs are directly asked from it. If you want to get an edge over others and also have time, do solve Concept of Physics by HC Verma Sir too.

  2. Then solve Allen dlp module. It’s really very good and questions are of neet level.

  3. Then solve any mcq book you have. I solved MTG Fingertips

  4. Then go through PYQ

  5. Chemistry: so chemistry is divided into three parts

  6. Inorganic chem: here you have to mug up a lot so read Ncert and make notes and try to revise/write them multiple times… as much as you can.

  7. Physical Chem: get the basic concepts and practice lot of numericals… it’s very scoring and NCERT is enough. Make a formulae list and revise it weekly, because NEET numericals are quite easy and if you will remember formula it will save your time. Just for numericals you can refer to any other book (I just did PYQ and mock test for it)

  8. Organic Chem: now this is a bit difficult then above two…But NCERT is enough for it. Mechanism are important. Learn all reactions by heart it will help you in conversions too. I solved Allen Dlp modules Fingertips and MTG Fingertips for practice questions

  9. YT lec:

1. Gabbar singh tutorial (you may not like his accent but he really explains even difficult concepts easily)
2. Unacademy jee (paras thakur sir)
3. Vineet khatri sir
  1. If you have time please revise the practical syllabus too.

  2. Solve PYQ and mcq books.

  3. Biology: most easy subject but memory plays a key role here. Learn each and everything which is written in NCERT. Make notes and revise them weekly. Diagrams are very important (although from last two year it hadn’t been asked). Don’t go out of NCERT just for 4–5 question because you don’t know what NTA is going too ask. Instead spend that time in solving mock paper. I followed Neela Bakore tutorials (mam really explain beautifully and cover some out of NCERT topics too) and Dr. Anand Mani Sir’s one day one chapter series for revision. For MCQ, I solved MTG fingertips

Yes ofcourse you can do it without coaching but you will need proper guidance to follow the right path.
Make sure to follow fixed materials for the entire preparation span like I generally suggest coaching modules which you can download from internet for free as they have large amount of questions from every aspect of the chapter and are very good for practice.
Then having a proper schedule is must, you must have time to watch video lectures from youtube and make notes, revise them and then have time to revise the previous studied topics. You can take my help for this.
For practicing questions you are needed to solve them under a certain time limit so that you get accustomed to the exam environment.
With a proper schedule, guidance and material you will easily clear the exam.
Regarding the revision pattern and material for revision, you need to get revision handbooks which have summary and formulas of every chapter in them. If you cant find them on internet I will provide you through google drive.
Only time you will be needed to go to the coaching is for the test series before your actual NEET exam.