Is it possible to qualify for JEE MAINS with 10 days of preparation?

Is it possible to qualify for JEE MAINS with 10 days of preparation?


Yes it is possible to qualify for JEE mains with 10 days if you have studied properly in your 11th and 12th. When you have just 10 days left then revise more and do not try to study new topics. You should have good knowledge of the concepts. If you have any doubt then clear all. Take help from your subject teacher. Work smart as you do not have much time left. You can connect with JEE toppers and listen to their 10 days preparation strategy before exam. Analyse your solved problems and know all of your strengths and weaknesses. You can attempt mock tests which will help you to revise the topics. When you have less time left then try to revise the things as much as possible. Last but not least do not loose hope, be confident, sleep well and maintain your health. Your performance in the exam will depend on how you have spent your most of the time during preparation.


The JEE Mains is a highly competitive examination and typically requires months or even years of dedicated study and practice. It is important to have a proper study schedule and to start preparing well in advance of the examination.

But there were some Study Hacks From Toppers which you can Follow in Last remaining days of Exam.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that JEE Mains is not only about mugging up the syllabus but also about understanding the concepts and applying them to solve the problems. This requires a lot of practice and consistent efforts.

Nothing is impossible when you are are focussed,determined and motivated. Well here are some tips you can follow to achieve good marks.

  1. Manage you time well and make a proper time schedule for your studies
  2. Revise all important topics and notes
  3. Go through all the formulae daily
  4. Solve at least 4–5 sample papers daily
  5. Practise Previous years questions paper and mock test paper
  6. Get off to social networking sites
  7. Eat healthy because a healthy mind recides in a healthy body
  8. Be positive