Is it worth it to cut friends and stop having fun for 2 years of JEE prep

Is it worth it to cut friends and stop having fun for 2 years of JEE prep?

You should not leave your friends during your IIT JEE preparation because that is not the way of achieving your dream and you will not be benefitted by it but you should consider what types of friends you are with.
If your friends are disturbing you and are a hurdle between you and your JEE preparation then you must create some distance with them otherwise there is no need to leave friends. Remember that your friends will help you in the days when you are demotivated and feeling like giving up.
If you are struggling with your JEE preparation then you can try going for a personal IIT JEE Mentorship. One such platform which offers IIT JEE mentorship is Exprto. On this platform you will be connected to IIT JEE toppers who will guide you and share some tips and tricks which you can apply in your journey of IIT JEE preparation and become a competitive aspirant.

You will never hear any topper saying that you should leave your friends because your social life will play an important role in your selection of IIT JEE preparation.
You are not a machine, you are a human and your brain also needs rest and social stimulus. Therefore keep a balance between your study and your social life.

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