Is NCERT Chemistry Exemplar Questions enough for JEE Main?

Is NCERT Chemistry Exemplar Questions enough for JEE Main ?


If you connect with JEE toppers, they can share their experiences and tell you what is the most important things for JEE preparation. NCERT is the most recommended book for JEE exam. This book is important as many questions from this book are asked directly in JEE Mains exam. If you go through previous years question paper then you can see that by yourself. Then you can use NCERT exemplars for practice. This book contains many questions. If you analyse previous years questions then you will find that most of the questions of inorganic section come from NCERT and many questions are asked directly from NCERT in organic and physical section but also you will get many questions that are beyond NCERT. So NCERT and NCERT exemplars are important but not enough for JEE Main.