Is NCERT enough for chemistry in JEE (Main & Advanced)?

Is NCERT enough for chemistry in JEE (Main & Advanced) ?


NCERT books are like Bible/Quran for JEE aspirants. Most of the IIT JEE toppers and JEE aspirants suggest to follow this book and read this book properly. Many questions are asked in the exam from this book. So if you study the book properly can able to answer many questions. You can talk to JEE toppers and get suggestions from them. They will guide you properly by talking with you about what strategy you need to follow that will be more effective. If you talk to JEE mentors they will tell you that NCERT is enough to pass JEE examination. But when it comes to the point of sufficient, it totally depends on you. It depends on how much marks you are aiming. If you want to secure a good score then NCERT will not be sufficient, you will need other books for references. You will find many conceptual and application based questions asked in JEE Advanced. To solve these types of problems you need to study more and practice different types of problems.