Is NCERT enough for NEET physical chemistry?

Is NCERT enough for NEET physical chemistry?

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Hello @Teena
For covering theory NCERT books are sufficient but for practicing varieties of questions NCERT books are not sufficient. For theory, you can refer ncert book but for question practicing, you have to take other reference book. I would suggest you following books for NEET preparation -

• MTG book
• Errorless chemistry
• Any coaching module

So, according to me, Only ncert book is not sufficient for NEET physical chemistry

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Nope, although it’s well written, it’s not enough (you’re in a competitive exam, not your boards).
For the physical and organic chemistry part, get your concepts clear from any other good book and solve problems from there. Touch NCERT for reviewing. NCERT segregates the ‘[necessary for NEET’](https://necessary for NEET’) content from your syllabus, rather than teaching you.
Inorganic chemistry is sufficient and should be followed strictly by the NCERT unless you want to traverse a never-ending sea of reactions (and their exceptions) and end up forgetting everything (if you’re the average kid like me). Yes, every line is needed, and doing problems is enough in this section.
For the former two topics (physical and organic), your concepts will aid you once you crack the exam and get into MBBS/BDS. If you take a shortcut (via NCERT) there, believe me, you’ll repent. You’ll fail to understand many important aspects of the first-year subjects themselves (physiology, biochemistry) and in the end, you’ll have to ‘mug up’ without understanding

It is enough for physical chemistry
NCERT is excellent for Inorganic Chemistry, and we have seen a lot of direct NCERT questions being asked in this section. However, other parts of Chemistry, like Physical Chemistry, require you to refer to other learning materials and books specifically created for neet
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