Is ncert for solid state is enough for neet 2023

Is ncert enough for solid state

Yes You may prefer any other references book.

No of Bravias Lattices and it’s types , orthorhombic, rhombohedral etx learn there angle values and side relations.
Concept of Density and it’s related numericals only basic Formula based sums.
Differences between amorphous and crystalline solids and also learn types of compounds and related melting points.
Coordination No and Voids Concept (Very Very Important) , how triangular, tetrahedral and octahedral voids are formed and their radius ratio,coordination no and related radius ratio (VVI) they will give u coordination no and asked to find the radius ratio.
Packing efficiency Concept of SCC FCC BCC.
No of unit cells problems using formula.
Problems based on calculation of formulaes using the concept of contribution of edge face corner and body centre.
Defects etx are very important, types of defect Frenkel and shottky defect (conditions of defect) metal deficiency and excess defect and one problem based on metal deficiency defect
Lastly just learn basic definitions of type of magnetisms and electricity.
NaCl structure, CsCl structure, Concept of anti fluorite and fluorite