Is NEET Coaching Online Beneficial for NEET Preparation?

Is NEET Coaching Online Beneficial for NEET


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Question : Is NEET Coaching Online Beneficial for NEET
Answer : Yes, it is possible to crack NEET with online coaching but make sure following things -
• There various online platform for NEET preparation, you have to follow only one which is suitable for you.
• You should have proper resources - Laptop, mobile, earphones, stable internet connection
• You should have proper self discipline and dedication
• You have to avoid social media and other distractions

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Class timings are flexible
Sometimes students get tired after attending the school. Going straight to coaching after school results in exhaustion for many students. In online coaching, the classes are generally conducted in the evening time, gives enough time to students for rest and allows them to be mentally prepared for the class.

  1. Saves commuting time
    In offline coaching, students go to a coaching institute, which involves traveling time. Online classes save time and deliver quality teaching at the comfort of your home. You just require a computer or laptop with internet connection.

  2. Experienced and qualified faculty teaching online
    In digital classrooms, only the mode of the learning has changed, rest of the things like quality of teaching, study resources, batch calendar, test papers, etc. all are the same like traditional coaching classes. In some cases, where experienced NEET teachers are teaching in online mode to aspirants, online coaching provides even better quality than local coaching institutes.

  3. No chance of missing a lecture
    In physical coaching classes, either due to health issues or any other reason, you may miss a class some day. But in online coaching, the classes are recorded for future reference, so if you are absent in any class, you can watch the same class later at any time.

  4. Small batches, easy doubt resolution
    In a batch of 150-200 students in a large coaching institute, teachers are unable to focus on an individual student. One-to-one interaction is rarely possible. Due to this, students most often miss out on clearing doubts. Whereas in NEET online course the batches are short, 20-25 students maximum, whch allows a student to ask the doubts more easily and freely.

  5. No need to shift to Kota or any other location
    Shifting to some other place is not convenient for aspirants. Not just in study and preparation, but also adjusting to the place, food, peers, etc. In a city like Kota, there is always a fear of additional pressure which often leads to depression among the students. With NEET online coaching, aspirants can study from the best faculty at their home only.

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Yes you can easily prepare for NEET online from your home as many students nowadays prefer that only but it also needs very much discipline

Here are some of the tips that will help you in acing the NEET exam by self-preparation:

  1. Follow your study schedule to the letter- Creating a schedule is the first and most important key step before any exam. It is a significant blueprint that outlines your strategy.

  2. Develop a target plan. Strive to accomplish everyday goals that have been set. Make sure you spend at least 9–10 hours studying. Setting reasonable goals is crucial to maintaining confidence.

  3. Become familiar with NEET - NEET is an exam with objective questions. Students who are responsible for passing tests independently must be entirely familiar with the syllabus, the paper’s format, the marking scheme, the weighting of each chapter, key ideas, and other significant factors. Always enroll in a credible and reputed test series online to practice questions. Online NEET prep platforms such as Darwin help NEET aspirants to study and practice from home.

  4. Be familiar with concepts: Merely studying for extended periods of time won’t produce the desired results. The first book you must totally master is NCERT. There is no way around it. Once you have mastered that, you can move on to using reference materials, coaching materials, which are only NCERT extensions.

  5. Strive for conceptual clarity - While learning a subject, one should aim to become expert in it. Strengthen your fundamentals simultaneously solve topic-wise questions to check whether you have mastered the concepts or not.

  6. Continue to practice more MCQs: Aim for at least 150–200 each day. Solve NEET exam questions from past years. Solving test papers and practice questions will help you keep a track of your NEET prep. Solve recent year question papers to know the recent exam trends. Choose a good online test series that have the highest strike rate. A strike rate tells you whether the test series produce similar questions that come in the NEET examination or not. I chose Darwin and I would suggest the same to you.

  7. Take mock tests to examine your performance, pinpoint your weak points, and develop those areas. Improving your weaker areas will help you gain high score in the exam.

  8. Revise regularly for higher recall. Frequently revise your concepts, notes, and practiced questions to ensure that you remember these facts on the day of the exam.

Mentors on exprto can also guide you in all aspects to achieve your goals by clearing all your doubts and providing solutions to your problems.

Yes definitely.
But here are few points which should keep in mind while opting for online coaching.

  1. Be disciplined.
  2. Trust on single coaching. Don’t read from here and there.
  3. If possible talk to someone who already have been selected. ( IN case you don’t know any such person you can register on for mentorship sessions)
    4 . Make notes.
    5 . Give every test and analysis is most important.
    6 . Never indulge in any coaching controversy as it will affect your preparation.