Is NEET easier than JEE

Is NEET easier than JEE?

Well if you compare the two most important exams in India then you will not find a clear distinction between the difficulty level of the two exams. For people who have taken the bio NEET exam will be easier and for people who have taken maths the JEE exam

will be easier in depends on your interest on your intellect and on your choice of subjects.
But if you compare on the basis of the seats available in the colleges then surely you will find that NEET exam is more challenging because of fewer seats.
And if you will compare on number of attempt which an aspirant can give then you will find that JE exam is more tough then any other exam so depends on several factor and there is no such clear destination of difficulty level between the two all I can say is which I was stream you are following just give your best prepare for the exam in the right way and crack it and live your dreams.