Is okay to complete syllabus 20 days before

Is it ok to complete your syllabus only 20 days before the NEET?

NEET is not a cup of water for everyone.
Giving 2years of complete hard work or some of the students after giving 3 years, 4 years become able to crack the examination. And you think 10days is ok to complete the syllabus it’s totally wrong and if you are stuck with this kind of thought then it will be difficult for you to crack the examination. In any examination confidence and hard work is the key to secure a good rank. If you are confused that how you can start your preparation then take help from NEET toppers on call, they will guide you properly. You need to make a time table by yourself and follow it. You need to complete the whole NCERT book properly and revise it thoroughly, then you can go for another reference books and solve the problems. Also, look into the previous year’s questions paper from that you will get an overview of the question pattern and it helps you to solve the questions in less time. Go through this link to get our expert’s suggestions :