Is online coaching good for IIT JEE preparations?

Is online coaching good for IIT JEE preparation?

mparing between the two, I will vote for online courses. I’ll give you reasons.
In online courses, your travel time is almost zero.
Timing flexibility: You come home from school, have a good rest, and then you can start teaching. You can watch more videos on your free days and reduce the number of lectures when your schedule is busy.
You don’t have to move to another city in search of good/senior teachers. Even in remote location s you can choose a good teacher. If you go to another city for coaching, you have a lot of social and financial problems. During the preparation, you constantly need the moral support of your parents. So it is better to stay at home.
In offline classes, sometimes due to some unavoidable situations (on the part of the teacher or the student), the class is canceled or missed. There is no such problem in online courses.
In offline classes, not all subjects are often balanced. In online courses, you have the option to select all senior teachers (they can be from different portals).

Online classes are economical compared to offline classes.
Most online courses provide free sample lectures and do not charge a one-time fee. This feature is not available in good offline classes. You can take a break between courses for any reason. Your money is not wasted. However, as per government rules, no coaching institute can keep your hard earned money if you don’t want to continue. But getting a refund is a very time-consuming process.
In some offline classes, the course is not completed on time and the last topics are taught very quickly before one or two months of exams. This is not a problem in online courses. Because most videos are recorded. So you can complete the course well in advance of the exams.